4/9/18 Brooklyn, NY - Bossa Nova Civic Club (Great Ghost, Collin Crowe, DJ Redo, DS)



10/26/17 Brooklyn, NY - H0L0 (Ronen Shai, Ariana van Gelder, Flamethrower)

9/23/17 Brooklyn, NY - Spectrum (Ambient-Chaos Sept. '17)

7/22/17 New York, NY - Essex Flowers (Shy Layers, Jesse Hamerman, The Grumps)

7/2/17 Brooklyn, NY - Muchmore's (Monthly Modular Series)

6/28/17 Brooklyn, NY - Trans-Pecos (Qasim Naqvi, GOLDEN)

5/21/17 Brooklyn, NY - Doppelgänger Projects, 67 Russell St, 2nd Flr (Lazurite, TELAH)

4/9/17 Brooklyn, NY - Muchmore's 2-5pm

3/12/17 Brooklyn, NY - Troost (w/ Qasim Naqvi, Ben Zimmerman, GOLDEN)

2/15/17 Brooklyn, NY - Park Church Co-op (w/ M Lamar, Dreamcrusher, Jono Mi Lo, The Imaginary Orchestra)

10/24/15 NYC - Little Water Radio

10/18/15 NYC - Paper Garden Records CMJ Showcase @ Fulton Stall Market

6/19/15 Brooklyn, NY - Paper Garden HQ (w/ Wilsen, Ludwig Persik, Salt Cathedral)

6/12/15 Brooklyn, NY - Paper Garden Records Northside Showcase

6/08/15 Brooklyn, NY - Baby's All Right (w/ Color Collage, Catey Shaw, Salt Cathedral)

5/18/15 Brooklyn, NY - Grand Victory (w/ Big Bend, Millie Mason, Stone Calculus)

4/19/15 Brooklyn, NY - Muchmore's (w/ Awesomeface, Big Bend)